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A place this good can’t hide for long, even if the buildings are made of mud.Not so long ago, Michigan’s economy was in the dumps.The air is clean, the sky is large, and the outdoor recreation is endless.

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“Also, we’re in a snow and rain shadow, so it will dump feet of snow on the ski area and we’ll get just a few inches on the valley floor.” That means nearly year-round mountain biking, especially on the 25 miles of trails on the south-facing Arkansas Hills, two minutes from downtown.The volunteers of Salida Mountain Trails are always building more on city, county, and Bureau of Land Management acreage, at the rate of three miles per year.Biking highlights include the Monarch Crest Trail, a 34.6-mile ride that’s designated Epic by the International Mountain Bicycling Association.Life is lived on the water in this old-school Gulf Coast town.You don’t even have to leave the city limits to kayak through Weedon Island Preserve, a 3,000-acre wildlife refuge with a resident population of roseate spoonbills and a well-marked four-mile water trail.

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