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There is an easy way to do this and it involves using a RSS feed reader.

Today we will cover: A RSS feed is a file on a website or blog which contains the list of updates made to the site. The feed can contian either an introduction to the article/post/update or the full news item.

It can be on the web, installed on your desktop or available via your mobile device.

Once you have a RSS feed reader you “subscribe” to the websites or blogs you wish to keep an eye on for updates without having to actually visit all the sites everyday.

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The RSS feed reader software checks all the RSS feeds you have subscribed to each time you use it.

Now that you know how to subscribe to a RSS feed, add your own website or blog to your subscriptions.

This is an easy way to monitor if you site gets hacked.

The provider updates the contents of the file regularly.

The RSS reader can read and display the information in a reader-friendly format.

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