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As macho as you may seem all the time, reveal a soft and comforting side to a girl when she’s trying to warm up to you.

[Read: How to think like a woman and get any girl to like you] #8 The alpha male. He’s the leader of the pack and a guy who’s always in control of the situation.

A bit of money can make a huge difference in the way you can pamper a girl.

[Read: How to be successful in life] #15 Don’t be a pushover.

[Read: How to sound sexy in bed] #3 A guy who can take his time. For a guy, it’s all about driving the car into the garage. Take your time and penetrate her only when she can’t wait any longer. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas to try in bed] #6 A guy who smells manly. Men like being in control in bed, and women don’t mind that as long as you allow her to hold the reins when she feels like it.

15 things that turn a girl on about a guy When you’re introduced to a girl or when you walk past her on the streets, you have to remember that she’ll judge you and build an opinion about you within the first few seconds. Girls are immediately attracted to a guy who looks good in the clothes he wears. Don’t be nervous or reveal your awkwardness when you’re around a girl and she’ll love your company. Giving her a good chase when she teases you is the best way to let her know how much you want her and appreciate her. If you are, there’s a good chance that the girl you like will like you back too. Do you have a well settled job and a balanced life?

And somewhere along the way, they start to date girls.

Along the way, they find themselves losing the best girls to another guy.

Want to know what turns a girl on in bed more than anything else?

[Read: 10 tips to increase your sex appeal] #1 A sex god. It’s the easiest way to arouse any girl and turn her on.

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    It may be difficult to spot controlling behaviors in today’s teen relationships where tracking each other’s whereabouts and having frequent contact is common.