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However, it is not the matriarchal society where women are in-charge.

Men are involved in politics and business but they make sure they take the women point of view which they respect to the core.

Image Source: Divorce and Tuareg Women rights Normally, marriages end in divorces here wherein the women gets to keep all the property, children and animals.

The wife decides when she has to say, “I have had enough”.

To the tribe, sister’s son is considered as strongest link to the family than their own son.

They are highly revered by their son-in-laws, that they never dare to eat in the same room. It is Men, who cover their faces in the Tuareg tribe!

Although the tribe has embraced Islam as their religion, they follow customs which no Islamic country would ever follow. Henrietta Butler, a photographer who has covered the information on Tuareg once asked about the unique laws and what she gets to hear is appreciating : Women can have affairs before marriage The women does not limit here standing out tall, they differ in many aspects from the Muslim world of Middle-East and other parts.

To this tribe of nomads, who once crossed the Sahara trading dates, salts and saffron to the South and slaves and gold to the north, believes the code and breaking it would be abashing.

That is the reason men comes into the tent when it is night and leaves at dawn. Everything is done with utmost discretion and respect,’ said Butler.

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